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Secure FreePBX ChanSpy

By default, ChanSpy, a supervisor function that allows you to monitor
other peoples calls, is enabled and can be used by anyone, yes, anyone, who's phone is logged in to a FreePBX system that has this feature enabled.

Sangoma don't allow you to configure a password out of the box to secure it, instead, they want to sell you a commercial module (that in Australia is about $145) that apparently allows you to set one.

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Aussie Broadband SIP With FreePBX


Configuring FreePBX to use a VoIP provider is usually simple and quick, but sometimes there's always one of the bunch that wants to be different in how they expect you to configure your Trunk, and Aussie Broadband (affectionately known as ABB) is one of them.

With ABB doing things differently, you'll find the usual way of setting up a SIP trunk in FreePBX wont work, and you'll probably go half insane trying to work out why, and if you google around, you'll find a few posts suggesting do this, do that, but it still doesn't work, because most of those posts are outdated, or just never worked, so I'm going to provide you with a workable way as of Feb 2021.

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From TPG to ABB

TPG and ABB (Aussie Broadband) need no introduction, but the shite way one of them does business and treats its customers is the chalk to the others cheese.

Long time readers and visitors to this blog or my services would be well aware of the frustrations and problems I've had to tolerate with TPG. I took up that service in 2010 as a static-IP account, yet after 6 years or so, TPG forgot the meaning of static-IP plans and changed our IP - without notice, not once, but three times, ignoring my complaints as my plan, which even on the last day of my service when I confirmed closure of my account with them in October 2020, still very clearly said static-IP plan with rDNS.

This got even more frustrating early 2020, and no, they can't blame covid for this...

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