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NBN And Emergency Lift Phones, Alarms, And Other Fixed Diallers

Post Updated February 25, 2021

I would like to thank Brian from Aristel who advises us of some recent changes in relation to lifts in Australian Standards.

Remember, Telstra are closing their 3G services in June 2024, so any 3G diallers will need to be changed out for 4G.

Emergency phones like those in Lifts, Security and Fire Alarm Systems with back to base monitoring are also affected by the NBN changeover and cut-offs, therefore building owners, tenants, and managers need to start considering what action they need to take, even if the NBN is not as yet active in your area, it likely wont be that far off, so you'll need to start planning for the changeover, it's also beneficial to change earlier, cheap PAYG M2M plans are more economical for standby emergency and idle telecommunications than PSTN line rental. As for Alarms, some B2B providers supply you with a SIM that includes all signalling calls in your monthly B2B plan.
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The Reason I left 1015FM

I wasn't going to waste oxygen on this, but after hearing there's different versions going around as to why I suddenly left as one of the weekday breakfast hosts on Moreton Bay's 101.5 FM, I thought I should set the record straight, because the reason given to those who've spoken to me about it, is bullshit, I didn't quit, I was pushed, and if Craig can't tell the truth, I'm happy to.

This post is currently restricted, I'll make it fully public in the future, but if our paths crossed there, or you're currently contemplating running for the Board, you can contact me for access to the remainder of this article.

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Why I Hate Commercial Control Panels

Whether it's DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, or some other commercial hosting control panel, I pretty much dislike them all. They do their best to present an eye candy appealing image to help for good customer experiences, and I guess most of them do that well, probably far more appealing than the cobbled together scripts that I use allowing my hosts to manage their websites, but I guarantee you mine are probably more secure, efficient, scalable and redundant - capability beats looks any day!

In a few weeks time it'll be 2018, yet they still treat us like it's the 90's, limiting us to what daemons we can use on our own servers, limiting us to their choices of Linux distros, if it runs on RedHat, Debian, and FreeBSD, it'll run on SuSE, Slackware, Gentoo and others, but the biggest gripe of all, is they continue putting everything on one server. The process is along the lines of your customers sign up online, probably using Hostbill or WHMCS, it then shoots off to the current new hosts server's telling the Control Panel to set up the domain, its DNS, Email, Databases and Website structure - all on that one single machine, putting all your eggs in one basket, I guess they think hardware is infallible, where the truth is far from it.

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NBN And PABX Phone Systems

So your business is running an old analog multi-line PABX that you've used and trusted for years, you've also just been letter dropped that the NBN is ready for service in your area, ok, so that means you have 18 months to migrate to an NBN service before Telstra cuts off your existing copper services, you know it's wise to move sooner rather than later because you don't want to get caught out and be without a phone service when everyone waits till the last minute, and there's not enough techs to go round.

You decide you better start talking to some RSP's (Retail Service Providers), or worse - you get one of those pesky door to door sales people, either way, during your conversations all of a sudden your ears prick up because you've just been told that your trusty existing PABX wont work, it's incompatible with the NBN and you need to replace it.

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NBN With Multiple Phone Outlets

Australia's NBN, how it will affect your existing landline phones when you are migrated depends on how your home is currently wired and how many phones you have.

There's been a bit of rubbish being spread by RSP (Retail Service Provider - AKA: ISP) sales type people telling you your existing phones wont work when you're moved to the NBN. There is some truth to this, but no you likely do not need to re-wire your entire house or some such rot, or buy dect phones as only means of more phones, as many are being told, and despite other rhetoric from these sales geniuses, you can have more than one fix wired phone.

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