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Aussie Broadband SIP With FreePBX


Configuring FreePBX to use a VoIP provider is usually simple and quick, but sometimes there's always one of the bunch that wants to be different in how they expect you to configure your Trunk, and Aussie Broadband (affectionately known as Aussie, or ABB) is one of them.

With ABB doing things differently, you'll find the usual way of setting up a SIP trunk in FreePBX wont work, and you'll probably go half insane trying to work out why.

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From TPG to ABB

TPG and ABB (Aussie Broadband) need no introduction, but the shite way one of them does business and treats its customers is the chalk to the others cheese.

Long time visitors to my blog, zonecheck, and usenet service would be well aware of the frustrations and problems I've had to tolerate with TPG. I took up their service in 2010 as a static-IP account, yet after about 6 years, TPG forgot the meaning of static-IP and changed our IP - without notice - not once, but three times, I only find out because people texting me Mail seems down, I tell them their bonkers I'm accessing it, only to realise hours later when I'm getting no new mail they were right something was definitely amiss.

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OnPrem SIP Trunking or Hosted PBX

To Host or not to Host - That is the question. Since the time SIP was commercialised, there has been a religious war raging, a fierce war with two staunch opponents - On-Prem (on-site) PBXers, and Hosted (off-site) PBXers.

There are benefits to both methods, it depends on how many channels and features you want (remember, in the world of VoIP, lines = channels), and how you are going to use them. If you run your local takeaway, then you could get away with a couple of channels, and a Hosted PBX solution would work fine if you don't need anything more than very basic PBX features, but if you need advanced features, or least cost routing capability, even unlimited voicemail storage, or have more than a couple employees, an attached warehouse, large office space, or your business is on multiple floors, then having your own local PBX phone system on-site using SIP trunking makes much more sense.

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CounterPaths Unacceptable Move

As the new decade rolls around, CounterPath, the developers of the popular VoIP softphone X-Lite, have decided to force everyone off and onto their Bria platform, previously for commercial users, but now for everyone, if you try to run X-lite, you'll get an error telling you its now End Of Life and to pop over to CounterPaths website and download Bria Solo Free which is free for home and non-commercial use, and claim is a direct replacement for X-Lite.

So you're probably wondering yeah, ummm, soooo, what the hell is wrong with that?
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PBX Price Crazyness

In previous article, I've mentioned Grandstream UCM PBX's being fantastic for small business, as reasonably priced and time proven, with Grandstream having been around since being formed in Boston USA around 2002. However at present, Grandstream only really concentrate on the smaller end of town - and there's nothing wrong with that, as small business makes up over 99.99% of all businesses in Australia (and likely elsewhere), so there is indeed a huge market to be tapped into, and Grandstream appear to be on a winner, their phones are not too bad either - not as crystal clear as say Cisco SPA or even the current 7800 range.

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