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DoH Erodes Privacy

Mozilla, through firefox, is as of the end of September, going to be rolling out the forcing of DoH, or DNS of HTTPS for users of firefox, with the U.S.A first on the rollout. Google and others are also following, but in a very much limited way, where as firefox, will be blanket enabled.

So why is DoH so bad you ask?

DoH is currently at least, only paired with Cloudfares DNS services, this is fraught with danger, as Cloudfare does log requests and keeps them for about one month based on their original announcement, and even if they now claim they wont be logging when its fully operational, it's still very dangerous, because it's also centralising the Internet, sending all your DNS queries to one company, as you can imagine, doing so is incredibly dangerous and wrong!

As one who is a stickler for privacy (pretty evident if you've read a few of my posts), DoH must be pretty f'ked up for me to come out against it, Mozilla claims this is all about privacy, but that's something 90% of us already have.

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