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NSA v Facebook - Who's More Evil

With all the Edward Snowden revelations about the extent of activities of the U.S.A's N.S.A, we are all like oh how dare they the privacy invading bastards, we all attack and condemn them - rightly so! We now realise how far out of control they and other Five Eyes member nations really are, so we tend to take more steps to protect our privacy from their prying eyes, make no mistake they are privacy invading power tripping scum who spend more time spying on friendly nations and their own law abiding citizens - than terrorists.

Yet, I'm betting pretty much all of those outraged over the NSA's actions, spend most of their days on feciesbook facebook, probably an unhealthy amount of time too, revealing everything about their life, now, I wrote some time ago about what I think of the privacy invading POS that is facebook, but recently, information on what they collect by their own admission, came to life, and it would make even the most seasoned operative at the U.S.A.'s NSA and U.K.'s GCHQ jaw drop in puddles of drool...

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