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NSA v Facebook - Who's More Evil

With all the Edward Snowden revelations about the extent of activities of the U.S.A's N.S.A, we are all like oh how dare they the privacy invading bastards, we all attack and condemn them - rightly so! We now realise how far out of control they and other Five Eyes member nations really are, so we tend to take more steps to protect our privacy from their prying eyes, make no mistake they are privacy invading power tripping scum who spend more time spying on friendly nations and their own law abiding citizens - than terrorists.

Yet, I'm betting pretty much all of those outraged over the NSA's actions, spend most of their days on feciesbook facebook, probably an unhealthy amount of time too, revealing everything about their life, now, I wrote some time ago about what I think of the privacy invading POS that is facebook, but recently, information on what they collect by their own admission, came to life, and it would make even the most seasoned operative at the U.S.A.'s NSA and U.K.'s GCHQ jaw drop in puddles of drool...

Facebook goes to great lengths to track you across the web, 98, yes, that's ninety eight data points they use that is or can be linked to you, they probably know more about your life than you do, and most certainly more then you'd like them to.

But then there’s creepier stuff that definitely isn’t submitted voluntarily, such as the number of credit lines you have, whether you’re an investor, what you invest in, whether you carry a balance on your credit card, whether you use coupons

Facebook knows every time you visit a page with a “like” or “share” button whether you hit that button or not, its part of their tracking your every move. Remember back in 2014 or so when that was made public there was an outcry, well, little did we really know what was going on when you visit those sites, and other sites that have nothing to do with facebook.

So what is it exactly these facebook perverts collect on you directly and indirectly? (remember - this is from their own admission and not from some paranoid conspiracy newsgroup) Go get a coffee, it's a long list...

  • Location
  • Age
  • Generation
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Education level
  • Field of study
  • School
  • Ethnic affinity
  • Income and net worth
  • Home ownership and type
  • Home value
  • Property size
  • Square footage of home
  • Year home was built
  • Household composition
  • Users who have an anniversary within 30 days
  • Users who are away from family or hometown
  • Users who are friends with someone who has an anniversary, is newly married or engaged, recently moved, or has an upcoming birthday
  • Users in long-distance relationships
  • Users in new relationships
  • Users who have new jobs
  • Users who are newly engaged
  • Users who are newly married
  • Users who have recently moved
  • Users who have birthdays soon
  • Parents
  • Expectant parents
  • Mothers, divided by “type” (soccer, trendy, etc.)
  • Users who are likely to engage in politics
  • Conservatives and liberals
  • Relationship status
  • Employer
  • Industry
  • Job title
  • Office type
  • Interests
  • Users who own motorcycles
  • Users who plan to buy a car (and what kind/brand of car, and how soon)
  • Users who bought auto parts or accessories recently
  • Users who are likely to need auto parts or services
  • Style and brand of car you drive
  • Year car was bought
  • Age of car
  • How much money user is likely to spend on next car
  • Where user is likely to buy next car
  • How many employees your company has
  • Users who own small businesses
  • Users who work in management or are executives
  • Users who have donated to charity (divided by type)
  • Operating system
  • Users who play canvas games
  • Users who own a gaming console
  • Users who have created a Facebook event
  • Users who have used Facebook Payments
  • Users who have spent more than average on Facebook Payments
  • Users who administer a Facebook page
  • Users who have recently uploaded photos to Facebook
  • Internet browser
  • Email service
  • Early/late adopters of technology
  • Expats (divided by what country they are from originally)
  • Users who belong to a credit union, national bank or regional bank
  • Users who investor (divided by investment type)
  • Number of credit lines
  • Users who are active credit card users
  • Credit card type
  • Users who have a debit card
  • Users who carry a balance on their credit card
  • Users who listen to the radio
  • Preference in TV shows
  • Users who use a mobile device (divided by what brand they use)
  • Internet connection type
  • Users who recently acquired a smartphone or tablet
  • Users who access the Internet through a smartphone or tablet
  • Users who use coupons
  • Types of clothing user’s household buys
  • Time of year user’s household shops most
  • Users who are “heavy” buyers of beer, wine or spirits
  • Users who buy groceries (and what kinds)
  • Users who buy beauty products
  • Users who buy allergy medications, cough/cold medications, pain relief products, and over-the-counter meds
  • Users who spend money on household products
  • Users who spend money on products for kids or pets, and what kinds of pets
  • Users whose household makes more purchases than is average
  • Users who tend to shop online (or off)
  • Types of restaurants user eats at
  • Kinds of stores user shops at
  • Users who are “receptive” to offers from companies offering online auto insurance, higher education or mortgages, and prepaid debit cards/satellite TV
  • Length of time user has lived in house
  • Users who are likely to move soon
  • Users who are interested in the Olympics, fall football, cricket or Ramadan
  • Users who travel frequently, for work or pleasure
  • Users who commute to work
  • Types of vacations user tends to go on
  • Users who recently returned from a trip
  • Users who recently used a travel app
  • Users who participate in a timeshare

Read the full Washington Post article for more.

So... what do you think about your beloved facebook now... huh? Remember, this is the company that you trust your details with, that wants to know so much about you it tracks you even when you're not on facebook , you trust them with your privacy? The same company who's founder and CEO had some accounts hacked because he used a simple password, that being dadada ...

I'm betting you'll still condemn the NSA, again, rightly so, but I'm also betting you still continue to give facebook your life's every little detail...

footnote: when I typed feciesbook at the start of this post (just like now) , Firefox's spell checker recommended I change it, yep, you guessed it, to facebook... ahhh pity it didn't work the other way round :-D

In more facebook rot... The Guardian reports on facebook's farces.

In the weeks since Facebook fired the humans who curated its “trending” news feed, its algorithmic floodgates opened up for fake stories, conspiracy theories and internet bile. This week, the company insisted it is a “neutral” platform that needs no editors, even while it censored art, spread false news and deleted a post by Norway’s prime minister because it included a Pulitzer-winning photo from the Vietnam war. The leader had called for Facebook to “review its editing policy”, and the company eventually restored the post.

In a semi-regular column, we’ll highlight what Facebook doesn’t want to: the bogus stories, clickbait and disinformation being framed as legitimate news by one of the most powerful tech companies on Earth.

Read the full story over at The Guardian...


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Dustin DeTorres on :

Very good points. Just love it.

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