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Ethernet Cabling - It's Easy

What is contained within, may in part, in Australia, be illegal - No, I'm not talking about bomb making, I'm talking about... home ethernet data cable work, be it patch leads, or running between sockets in different rooms....

So, you're wondering, WTF? Well, yes, if you do data cabling work, even in your own, owner-occupied home, you must not only be a an open registered cabler, but you must also have structured cabling endorsements.

Where I disagree with this however is being illegal for you to cable up a couple of rooms in your own owner-occupied home for data to access the Internet, you're not going to hurt or affect anyone else, but our nanny government has decided that's tough luck, the previous Digital Data Exemption that allowed this is completely gone with a rewrite of The Rules so you can't!

That aside, if your cabling a network that doesn't, and can not have access to the telecommunications network in any way shape or form (incl wireless, 3/4G, Cable, etc), in other words is a 100% intranet, then the law does not apply, because it is not regarded as "customer cabling", and you can do what you want, and we will assume that's the case here.

So, I am going to assume you like having LAN parties and will have no internet connection for the LAN you are about to construct for those LAN parties, this way, the network cable stuff you're about to do, is actually legal :-) Also that you are a pretty good home handyman with experience using dry wall saws, power tools, understand that electricity can kill you, you might get bitten by redbacks and have to fight off possums (among other creepies) crawling around your roof and wall spaces - If your not this type of person, best hire a registered cabler with the appropriate endorsements to do it all for you!

Again, if you have even the slightest hesitation about your ability to do the job, leave it for a professional!
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