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Copyright Enforcement (Updated)

UPDATE April 20 2012

The High Court of Australia has today dismissed AFACTS appeal with costs.

Today, the HCA declared that ISP iiNet did not authorise infringing users on its network. It re-enforces the decision by the Full bench of the Federal Court, and the decision of original Federal Court hearing with Justice Cowdroy.

Other important notes to come out is the recognition that terminating users wont stop them moving to another ISP and carrying on with their file sharing infringing actions.

As I've said before, MPAA et al need to change their ways by making the content available at same time as overseas, and digitally online and at reasonable prices.

TV Networks need to stop making us wait 4 to 8 months (or longer) for a series return, or a new hit series - after it has already aired in the U.S. and U.K. If they fixed this, TV pirating would be pointless, we know they can do it. FFS we have how many digital channels now? How about thrashing all these constant repeats and non popular shows and the like on one of the secondary digital channels. We should be able to watch the current airings of hit series at same time as U.S. and U.K. and by same time, I appreciate contracts declare it must air first in say, the U.S., but given the time differences, 24 hours would be acceptable, even 48 hours, but 4 to 8 plus months? Completely unacceptable, so the networks only have themselves to blame for this, no one else.

If these organisations changed their ways, there would be little to no need for piracy , ya know... EVERYONE, then wins!

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