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Security and The Net

In an era where people are dependant on Computers, Mobiles and Tablets, one needs to stop being complacent about access to it, and I'm not talking about physical access. Far too many people assume things are safe by default, or are of the mindset that It'll never happen to them, well, wake up and smell the coffee, because things are not always as well as you would want to believe, and often because of the simplest reasons, opening an email from a friend who has had their PC infected and sending out malware, getting a strange MMS or SMS ringtone, downloading torrents, using a trojaned program, phone or tablet app, forgetting to change a devices default password, or not applying security on that brand new, or just reset WiFi device, as you see, most of these are user faults, and yes, it gets worse for the user faults.

Then there are times I think there should be a licence to use The Internet, especially when you repeatedly here of the same horror stories of people constantly being scammed, really, you've won millions from a lotto in another country you never entered? Overnight millionare from some long lost relative being told by plain email yet they want you to supply your details? really? The groups committing these crimes have been doing this for over ten years, they are masters of the art, most are highly intelligent, discreet, well organised, and highly resourced, their capabilities may be the envy of many a spook.

It's not however, only scams where you send them money, all some of these scam artists want is as much information as possible about you, that all leads to an ever increasing identity theft database for the fraudsters, who don't have to be international crime gangs, they can be someone in your local area, mostly where free public access WiFi is available.

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