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The Internet and Legal Jurisdictions

I'm sure you know where this is coming from, yes, the U.S. Governments targeting of Megaupload. But it's not just about Megaupload really is it, not when you think about it, it's about all data services within the U.S. and its Governments believed extended reach, be it Megaupload, Amazon, any Web Hosting company, Google Services including Apps and Gmail, or even Twitter and facebook.

Before I go any further, let me make it very clear from the outset that I have no, never had any, nor ever could see myself having any, data, dealings, association or interest in, or with, Megaupload or any of its associated companies. My interest is in the future of a free, neutral, uncensored, and UN-Govt-molested Internet.

We all know the Megaupload folks knew their services were used for allegedly illegal purposes, although registered in Hong Kong, and staff based in non U.S. countries, the U.S. Govt is claiming jurisdiction because the equipment used in providing that service was in full or in part, located on U.S. soil, this is in my opinion a fair call. However, some legal talk over this seems to suggest the U.S. Government thinks it can claim jurisdiction on anyone who uses, for example, Paypal (being located in the U.S.), or simply because they may have a .com or .net domain name, the latter being highly questionable and is really clutching at straws and reeks of pure desperation, one I'm sure any civilised and rational nation would refuse to extradite over, extradition treaties are very specific in nature as to what offences are allowed in order to meet the criteria. I have faith that the courts in my country for example, would quash based on the latter.

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