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Ipv6 2017 Check Update

In 2015, we ran a test on our most commonly used sites for IPv6 responses which yielded pathetic 8% results, so
this is a quick update to the article I wrote back then - IPv6 Reality Checks, but it seems here we are two and a half years later, only a handful of the previously IPv4 only hosts have managed to graduate to IPv6.

These hosts have since IPv6:

However the following, the over whelming vast majority, still have yet to add IPv6 -

So there ya go, many still to wake up, yet this is not really a surprise as most the ISP's still do not provide native IPv6, TPG certainly don't. I have removed bigpondmusic, since they ceased to exist.
The financial institutions I use I also retested, none of them have upgraded yet either.

My original thoughts it'll be 2020 before things are really IPv6, sure looks like coming true ;-)

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