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Secure FreePBX ChanSpy

By default, ChanSpy is enabled, and can be used by anyone, yes, anyone, who is logged in to a FreePBX system.

ChanSpy is exactly that, it allows you to spy on other calls, this is a supervisor function, but Sangoma do not allow you to configure a password out of the box to secure it within FreePBX, instead, they want to sell you a commercial module (class of service) that in Australia, is about $145, that will apparently allow you to set one, they do not care about your privacy breaches, after all it's YOU that will be prosecuted, not Sangoma, it amazes me Sangoma wont take action, or, never protected it in the first place when this gaping invasion of privacy was first brought to their attention - several years ago going by their forums.

But fear not, if ChanSpy is enabled on your system and you can't disable it, there is a free 10 second fix.

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