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OnPrem SIP Trunking or Hosted PBX

To Host or not to Host - That is the question. Since the time SIP was commercialised, there has been a religious war raging, a fierce war with two staunch opponents - On-Prem (on-site) PBXers, and Hosted (off-site) PBXers.

There are benefits to both methods, it depends on how many channels and features you want (remember, in the world of VoIP, lines = channels), and how you are going to use them. If you run your local takeaway, then you could get away with a couple of channels, and a Hosted PBX solution would work fine if you don't need anything more than very basic PBX features, but if you need advanced features, or least cost routing capability, even unlimited voicemail storage, or have more than a couple employees, an attached warehouse, large office space, or your business is on multiple floors, then having your own local PBX phone system on-site using SIP trunking makes much more sense.

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