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PBX Price Crazyness

In previous articles, I've mentioned Grandstream UCM PBX's, as reasonably priced and time proven with Grandstream having been around since being formed in Boston USA around 2002. However, at present, Grandstream concentrate on the smaller end of town - and there's nothing wrong with that, as small business makes up over 99.99% of all businesses in Australia (and likely elsewhere), so there is indeed a huge market to be tapped into, and Grandstream appear to be on a winner.

But in the age of NBN where most POTS exchanges are being turned off (unless you're lucky enough to be in an NBN Wireless footprint where you get to keep your POTS line), SIP (VoIP) is your new and only option, so businesses like Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Aged Care/Retirement Villages and others in the medium size markets and upwards, are going to need to move towards SIP, and that's where thing's get price crazy for hardware.

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