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NBN And Emergency Lift Phones, Alarms, And Other Fixed Diallers

Post Updated February 25, 2021

I would like to thank Brian from Aristel who advises us of some recent changes in relation to lifts in Australian Standards.

Remember, Telstra are closing their 3G services in June 2024, so any 3G diallers will need to be changed out for 4G.

Emergency phones like those in Lifts, Security and Fire Alarm Systems with back to base monitoring are also affected by the NBN changeover and cut-offs, therefore building owners, tenants, and managers need to start considering what action they need to take, even if the NBN is not as yet active in your area, it likely wont be that far off, so you'll need to start planning for the changeover, it's also beneficial to change earlier, cheap PAYG M2M plans are more economical for standby emergency and idle telecommunications than PSTN line rental. As for Alarms, some B2B providers supply you with a SIM that includes all signalling calls in your monthly B2B plan.
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