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IPv6 Reality Checks

*** Update A revised entry for 2017 can be found here.

Recent statements made on an Australian industry mailing list about how well IPv6 was doing, with some people reporting their traffic is split 50/50 between IPv4 and IPv6, raised my eyebrows, I was not entirely convinced about those figures, so decided to put that 50/50 to the test to see how it applies in my situation.

One of these gentleman told me that my test was flawed, setting it up to fail even, well, I disagree with that, since if 50% of the traffic is favoured as IPv6, it still stands to reason that if I disable IPv4, about 50% of my traffic should still work - albeit slower at times for local sites since I'm limited to a tunnel provided by Hurricane Electric in California, U.S.A, so I expect a bit of lag using local sites, anyway, getting back on point, that should then result in the remaining 50% or so of traffic to actually fail, which is kind of the point if one wants to test the theory of half of the sites working or not via IPv6.

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