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Update: March 29, 2015

Metadata, just the latest annoyance by the Australian Government to spy on our Internet use, they couldn't screw us over with the failed mandatory filtering attempt, so they'll try get us another way. Not sure what all the fuss is about however since we now know the United States's NSA and UK's GCHQ has been doing this a long time thanks to the Snowden Releases, so all Canberra need do is pick up the phone and call head office ;-)

Now, I'm not going to go into all the bungling of them trying to sell this to us, Bumbling George Brandis's comedy show has been doing the rounds for a while now, when he came out with his and Woger Wabbott's , I mean Tony Abbott's version, it was like the two stooges Larry and Moe, without curly - Malcolm Turnbull, who finally did have to join the duo and fix up their diabolical mess, sending relief down peoples spines knowing the Government did not want to know what websites you went to, just who had what IP on what date. Much more different to voice, since they do want to know who you called, and when and from where.

When this came about I was in two minds about it, didn't have strong objections, my IP's static so wont be too hard to find me in radius, and I've had it for nearly five years at home, so there's no doubting its accuracy, as for phone, well, I make/get SFA phone calls, I rarely use 3G data because it's about the same price as pure gold in Australia. Most of my communications from home is by IRC, IM (Jabber/Skype - so the U.S.'s NSA already know who I talk to anyway), Email, ramblings on Twitter, or this strange thing called ...
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