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Popular Linux Website A Threat to the USA - Apparently

In what can only be described as the most funniest thing I've read in many many years, the U.S.A.'s National Security Agency (NSA) regards The Linux Journal Website as an extremists forum, and its users as extremists, therefore logs its users, likewise with privacy site TAILS, and they also keenly, but not really unexpectedly, (try to) target the Tor network.

I just find it ridiculous on all levels that Linux users, or anyone who values their privacy, are labelled as extremists, the only extremists here, are the out of control U.S.A's NSA!

It's wrong when merely visiting privacy related websites is enough for a user's IP address to be logged into a NSA database, and become a possible target, and it's beyond dangerous scope creep when visiting a Linux website gets you thrown into the same basket, it's about time these bastards had the reigns thrown on them, from not only within the U.S.A., but from all other countries that give a damn about their citizens, the only country with any guts at present to do this seems to be Germany. Shame on our Australian government as well, who wont do squat, since they are just U.S. puppets and lap dogs who take their orders from Washington.

The line "if you got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" is just pure bullshit and doesn't wash.

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