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Digital Signatures and Encryption with GPG/PGP

In this day and age, I think it is wise that people use digital signatures with methods such as GPG/PGP to prove authenticity and using its encryption capabilities for privacy when storing mail on untrusted networks, such as those hosting mail in other countries, especially those countries who have questionable laws regardng privacy.

GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) is a free-software drop-in replacement for Symantec's proprietory PGP cryptographic software suite.

It is useful in many ways, from saying "Yes, I really sent that message", to using it to encrypt a message or files for privacy, to something as important as signing a checksum file, after all, what's the point of creating a checksum for a file, since if your machine is compromised, all they need to do is to recreate a new checksum and you're none the wiser, but this is harder to get around when it is also expected to be digitally signed by someone.

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