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Open Letter to the Governments of the world and the ITU

In a few short weeks, from December 3 to 14, the ITU will meet to decide the Internet's as we know it today, future. They want to take over full control, deciding on regulating it, what we can see or can't see, how companies must stop supplying access in some cases (PIPA, SOPA etc anyone?) and more importantly, introducing government access fees for carriers, which will drive up the cost of Internet access for everyone, those are just some of the ideas, with censorship being the huge one of course, and dictated by communist countries, so how do people in say for example Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany like being told the type of content they can or can not access by the likes of Iran and China... The words I have for that are legally unprintable!

ITU participants (representatives of each of our own countries governments) need to hear from as many Internet users as possible to voice their opinion in stopping more madness Internet control madness.

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You can watch this short video to understand more about why this is a bad thing...

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