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Have ICANN Lost The Plot

ICANN are considering the introduction of Dotless Domains, basically, this means, instead of, for example entering in, I could buy ausics and you only enter in http://blog.ausics or http://ausics

Now, some of you might think that's a cool idea, but NO, it's not! What about host names on LAN, I have a box called fox (no pun intended, well, ok, maybe ;-)) so, if I http://fox, I want my local fox, not someones domain, http://fox the use of hostname in local lookups (search lists) in place of FQDN, has been used for near eternity on PC's.

It could not be one of the more crazy and stupidest moves by the hierarchy yet, for reasons I explained in my submission (below)

I really recommend those in a system or network administrative position to have a read of ICANNS RFC, and submit their opinion on it, one of the more vocal voices against this, is more or less Mr DNS himself, Paul Vixie who wrote about it last year.

Regrettably, you have only a couple of days, submissions close Sept 24 2012....

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How redundant is your network, really?

The well publicised GoDaddy outage on Sept 11 this year should be a huge wakeup for everyone to find out, just how good their network is designed.

So, you have multiple data links to multiple carriers, redundancy, failover, the works, even a wireless/microwave link in case someone digs up the entire block including your fibre. You've also got dual power supplies in your routers, switches, and servers, even redundant routers and switches, they are all protected by dual channel mains supplies, each with their own dedicated UPS and battery bank, both connecting into the power company by two separate diverse paths, backed up by two mega powerful diesel generators.

You can go to bed tonight and sleep easy can't you... Or, can you?

A bored shitless teenager, after getting banned from some gaming server on your network, has decided to seek revenge, so initiates a more, real life battle, he attacks the name servers that host the game server network since they may be slightly easier to take down, than the actual server.

Most kids don't care about collateral damage, then again, maybe they are smarter than many give them credit for, attacking the game server, only peeves off the gamers, attacking and taking out DNS peeves off the network admins for affecting the entire network, that would be a quick way to having the ISP kick off the game server, and with word of mouth, that game network soon becomes known as a high risk target, and may find it very hard to get another network to stick their gear in.

OK, back to our story, so, your primary DNS server is massively DDoS'd, but wait, your secondary slave server should respond and save the day, so no problems, right?

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