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NBN With Multiple Phone Outlets

Australia's NBN, how it will affect your existing landline phones when you are migrated depends on how your home is currently wired and how many phones you have.

There's been a bit of rubbish being spread by RSP (Retail Service Provider - AKA: ISP) sales type people telling you your existing phones wont work when you're moved to the NBN. There is some truth to this, but no you likely do not need to re-wire your entire house or some such rot, or buy dect phones as only means of more phones, as many are being told, and despite other rhetoric from these sales geniuses, you can have more than one fix wired phone.

There are issues with leaving multiple active outlets in place on your original phone line when NBN connects your new service with their VDSL modem that's for certain, they can and do create issues that result in poor performance with your service, that's one of the few things NBN chief Bill Morrow and I actually agree on ;-)

There are typically two wiring layouts of a home with multiple outlets and ADSL, the first and most common is daisy chained, that sort of looks like this

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