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Slackare 14.2 Released


Friday July 1 sees the release of version 14.2 of the most reliable and oldest Linux distro, Slackware!

Of course, http project which lately has gone into distro-clone-suckup-mode, that is, to try follow the likes of unstable distros like fedora and ubuntu and release often, are about to release 2.2.23, we have a vote ending this weekend that likely will pass. The attempt at speedily and stupidly pushing out stuff even if garbage saw the votes of 2.2.21 and 2.2.22 withdrawn because of one thing on each, showing the release often mentality is dumb arsed, it should be quality not quantity, more time should be given and RC's used, I've voiced my concern before, but the release-often fanbois tend to shout you down, and well, look at whats happened in past week alone, so Slackware's httpd package is out of date already...

The following is from email...

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