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Why We Don't Report Linux Kernel Bugs

On or about August 28, kernel 5.14.0 was released, where APC UPS's (at least) no longer work because of control queue full errors, an error never seen here before upgrading to 5.14, as a result, the kernel logs rapidly fill up with thousands of lines of last message buffered x number of times.

But it's not just filling up your logs, the UPS's are not actually communicating with the system, therefore they can not protect you by shutting your systems down safely in the event of a low battery alarm.

Updated: Sept 9, 2021: With the release of 5.14.2 kernel, APC UPS's now appear to be working again and the errors in HID resolved, the errors with arrogant tossers running the kernel development however will likely never be resolved, so I'm editing the title to reflect the real issue I, and many people in the linux community have.

What you are likely to see is the following in your kernel logs -

Sep 2 11:31:34 fox kernel: hid-generic 0003:051D:0002.0001: usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed: -53
Sep 2 11:31:40 fox last message buffered 254 times
Sep 2 11:31:40 fox kernel: hid-generic 0003:051D:0002.0001: control queue full
Sep 2 11:31:48 fox last message buffered 271 times
Sep 2 11:31:49 fox kernel: hid-generic 0003:051D:0002.0001: control queue full
Sep 2 11:32:29 fox last message buffered 1326 times
Sep 2 11:34:29 fox last message buffered 3983 times
Sep 2 11:44:28 fox last message buffered 17084 times
Sep 2 11:54:29 fox last message buffered 15094 times
Sep 2 12:04:29 fox last message buffered 15843 times
Sep 2 12:14:28 fox last message buffered 15143 times
Sep 2 12:17:15 fox last message buffered 4347 times

This indicates your UPS is no longer working, so you will need to monitor power outages carefully and manually deal with them.

So sending an email to a senior linux kernel lead, Greg Kroah-Hartman (aka gkh) providing debug logs and asking if there was any traction on this, I was stunned to see a reply a few hours later which apart from quoting only my email disclaimer, said just two words - Now deleted.

This was because in emailing this arrogant twat I made a mistake, I sent it from a businessy type account which has an everyday standard common style disclaimer most organisations use -

This Email, including attachments, may contain sensitive and/or legally privileged information, therefore does at all times remain confidential and subject to copyright protected under international law. You may not disseminate any part of this message without the authors express written authority to do so. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender then delete all copies of this message including attachments immediately. Confidentiality, copyright, and legal privilege are not waived or lost by reason of the mistaken delivery of this message.

That's it, because of this, GKH just deleted the message and moved on, I guess it was less energy to reply with that, than actually responding to the bug, the arrogance of these people, and they wonder why many people will not report bugs they discover in the kernel, it is because self appointed elitists like this who don't give a shit about the little guys, and over such petty things that have nothing to do with the actual issue's content, pricks like him are what gives Linux a bad name.

So the important take here is, don't waste your time reporting kernel bugs, because the likes of gkh obviously don't want them.


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Mario on :

hearing you loud and clear, gkh and linus both talk down to us mortal plebs all the time, they have lost the support of many in linux world with superiority complexes I think they just don't care about us anymore, they don't want our bug reports, they only want our new features code submitted.
If this bug stops UPS working, it stands to reason it must affect other USB products too

Tango Frog on :

gkh issue is hes been round linus too long and the arsewipeyness has rubbed off on him, he never used to be like it, Ive reported bugs years ago he took em fine then but back in 15 I reported a serious kernel bug and copped a spray for my email disclaimer and yeppers deleted, the shit bout that is I gave em a patch to fix it to, but nah gkh couldnt be fucked. I see in 2016 someone else reported the bug, and few weeks later got a commit fix. if the cXXXXs werent so up their own arses the problem would been eliminated much earlier.

To date I know of 2 bugs in kernel that can cause lockups in USB subsystem in some cases still unfixed that I have a patch for, but I got no intention of telling them bout the bug or my patch because I get enough cold dismissals from my partner, so fuck em

NoelB on :

As much as I agree with you, and as much as I use and allow most language to go through here, please avoid the "C" word.

I've edited your post to XXXX out enough to sanitise the post though we still see enough to get your point :-)

I'm curious about the unreported usb bug, care to share?
If you don't want it in a public comment, just make it clear its private and I wont approve the comment or mention it, or you can send me a private message if you prefer, curious to know if I've been affected

Mudduck on :

yeah bro, hartman is a tosser, I tried to report a bug two years back, he aint liked my email signature, he cum back with some smart mouthed comment to me as well, I not have one of em disclaimers, the dog objected to my signature having all me socials in it bout 14 lines.

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