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Phone Hacking - OH NO!!! No, your mobiles not actually hacked

So, in light of Murdoch's staffs criminal actions, the worlds media have been filling our airwaves with the term Phone Hacking, why, I'll never know, as it is really incorrect, no phones were actually hacked at all, no conversations were monitored in real time, no phones contacts list or stored emails or photos were ever compromised in this latest scandal.

What is actually occurring is illegal access to peoples voicemail boxes. Most of us, and yes, I bet *you*, are still using the default PIN number for voicemail. Now, most of the time we don't need to know it, since the phone networks know who we are and just give us access, but, you do know that you can access your mobiles voicemail from any phone, anywhere, at any time.

Usually when your voicemail is first activated you will or at least should be, asked for a PIN, if you did not get asked for whatever reason, your voicemail box will be using the default PIN, in 99% of the time, that is simply the last four digits of your mobile number

So, by knowing someones mobile phone number and the network they use, which wont take long to suss out either way since all networks publish voicemail access numbers for members to be able to remote retrieve their voicemail, someone can very easily illegally gain access to ones new and stored mobile messages. It is in some cases as easy as dialing your own mobile number, instead on leaving a message, hitting the star button gives you access, where you will be asked for your PIN.

The way that has been used in recent times with prominent people is, a partner of the offender will place a genuine call to the unsuspecting victim, whilst the other partner goes about accessing their voicemails.

It is imperative that everyone who is not sure, goes to their phone providers website and find the voicemail FAQ, and sets up a personal PIN, in most cases this is done via dialing your voicemail number (321) and going into setup and finding the option to setup or change your PIN.

So, although the media have got it named all wrong, the hype about its risk and dangers is very very real, and should be taken seriously by every mobile user in the world.

Now you've finished reading this and should have a better understanding of the dangers, you are now about to hop off changing your PIN, right?

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lyle-wilhelm on :

Hello there! I could have sworn I've been to this blog before but after looking at some of the posts I realized it's new to me. Anyhow, I'm certainly happy I came across it and I'll be bookmarking it and checking back regularly!

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